Thursday, November 8, 2007

And To My Complete Chagrin...

...Then Noory goes on to do an excellent interview (mostly excellent) with Daniel Estulin who has researched the so-called Bilderberger Group (I wonder if they have an official name?). This is how I know George Noory KNOWS DAMN WELL what he's doing and saying; when all this is added up it's enough to really cause one to take pause and this guy acting exactly like one of the "Bilderbergers" Daniel is describing? I don't know, but I do know a complete lack of integrity when I hear one....I can't even describe this adequately; what would you call someone who one hour says the most idiotic and delusional rubbish one will ever hear, only to spend the next three hours hardly missing an intellectual beat (with the noteable exception of the "antichrist" and "satan" comments)..."social morphing"? Maybe "religious pandering" is even a more accurate term....Avron

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